Belly Dance Expressions

*Aiwa – means yes in Arabic. It is often used as an exclamation in Belly Dance.

*Hafla (Haf lah) – Hafla means party.  A private hafla thrown by a belly dancer usually involves Middle Eastern music. A hafla in the US is a full belly dance festival with vendors selling  items and a stage show.

*Habibi (Hah BEE bee) – is an Arabic word meaning “my darling” or “beloved”.  Habibi appears in many Arabic song titles and lyrics.

*Raks Sharki (Rocks Shark-EE) – is also an Arabic word meaning “Dance of the East”.  It refers specifically to cabaret-style belly dance.

*Zaghareet (Zah Guh reet) – Is done in the Middle East is to honor someone. Mothers welcomed fathers using this traditional way of making a loud celabratory sound using your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Families would stand outside the home and do this as the father would come from work. We do this in other parts of the world and in the Middle East like a “bravo” or applause. This is a way to honor a dancer as well. A Zaghareet is a high-pitched undulation done with the tongue against the roof of the mouth, forming the sound, lalalalala. It is a sound of celebration! A Zaguareet is a favorite tool for bellydancers to express approval for what the bellydancer is doing at the time!

* Yalla – is a slang Arabic word used often in casual seetings… literally it means, go with God or let’s go!