Classes FAQ

What do I wear to class?
The most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Typically, students wear clothing that either allows the belly to show, or fits tightly in that area. This allows the instructor to see if the movements are being done correctly. Harem pants, large skirts, stretch pants, bicycle shorts, body suits, or any other athletic wear is also suitable. Some students enjoy dressing in a more exotic attire for class…feel free to be creative! A hip scarf or coin belt can also be a helpful tool to emphasize movement, and can be purchased in our studio store.

What do I wear on my feet?
Nothing! Bellydance is generally performed with bare feet. However, socks or any soft soled dance shoe are permitted in class.

What do we do in class?
Classes generally include: warm-up, isolation drills, hipwork review, new step segment, finger cymbal practice and a slow step/hand and armwork segment and cooldown. Classes may include  art of veil dancing,  floor work, choreography, and training in dancing freestyle.
Do we need to bring anything to class?
The only thing you will need is your practice clothes, and bottled water. Be prepared to get sweaty!
Can I “preview” a class, and then if I like it, join the following week? 
Because many women are taking classes to improve their body image and self esteem, some students feel uncomfortable have people “watch” them dance. Instead of “previewing” a class, we ask that interested students to be simply take a single class. It is also better than viewing a class for the interested student, because they can tell if the class “feels” right to them, and if the teaching methods work for them in particular.
What “style” of bellydance do you teach? 
Yana focuses on authentic Middle Eastern Bellydance, often called “Egyptian Cabaret.” This is the true form of bellydance that is still performed in Arabic countries to this day. In addition, general overviews, as well as stylized choreographies flavored with other types of bellydance are taught in class by Yana and our other instructors as well. Advanced students also learn to dance with props…..swords, daggers, fans, veils, double veils, canes, etc. Creativity and “finding your own voice” is strongly encouraged. We want students to become the dancer THEY want to be.
Do we get to perform? 
All students will have the opportunity to perform (if they so desire) at our  multiple bellydance showcases. Contact Yana for further details.
Am I too old to take class? Or too heavy? 
ABSOLUTELY NOT! Bellydance is the one dance form that celebrates all ages, body types, and ethnic backgrounds! Classes are no exception. We have all types of women, from every walk of life! It is a wonderful time for women to come together and celebrate their femininity and uniqueness. ALL women are welcome at Daytona Beach Bellydance!
Bellydancing Offers The Following Mind-Body Benefits:

Increase in Circulation
Weight Loss
Decrease in Muscle Tightness, Stress, and Tension
Improvement in Posture, Alignment, Poise and Self-Confidence
A Connection to our Natural Female Sensuality
Increased Stamina and Body Core Strengthening
Improved Concentration Through Use of Mind-Body Integration (A Dancer’s Form of Meditation)
Ease of Movement (Moving Free of Strain) Through Comprehension of Techniques Using Breath, Relaxation, Joint, and Spine Release