Yana’s Biography

Yana is a native of  Russia. Her mother is a professional Ballet Dancer who still teaches and choreographs in Russia.  Following her mother, Elena’s graceful footsteps, Yana began the study of Music and Dance at the age 4. As a little girl, Yana began performing at her mother’s annual recitals and also appeared on local television shows, becoming a celebrity in her hometown Vladivostok. 

While obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in English Linguistics, Yana organized a modern-experimental dance troupe called Stihiya, meaning “Element” in Russian. Stihiya performed ardently at college recitals, various art festivals, and other venues.

From 2000-2005, Yana taught professionally as a choreographer at Red Stars Model Agency as well as in various fitness clubs, bringing the ancient art of Belly Dance to her beloved students.

As a brilliant soloist, Yana has performed at countless shows throughout the south east of Russia and continues to choreograph and perform solo performances.  She continues to study World Music and Dance; her current passions being Latin American Dance, Flamenco and Belly Dance; Tribal style and Classic Oriental.

More Recently

In 2005, Yana moved to Central Florida, bringing her passion and talent, as well as years of teaching experience. Yana attributes all the love and passion in her heart for the art of dance to her mother, Elena.

Locally, Yana has founded Daytona Beach Belly Dance, a community of women who celebrate the joy of Middle Eastern music and dance together. The Daytona Beach Belly Dance group gathers for classes during the week and performs during community cultural events such as the Daytona Beach Indian Festival, Earth Day, and at various private and public venues. Several “Haflas” are held every year for friends and family to attend and share in the groups’ love of Belly Dance. Yana also instructs Belly Dance and ZUMBA classes at many local fitness clubs, dance and yoga studios in the Volusia county area. She currently studies Salsa, Flamenco, Bollywood, and Polynesian dance as well as taking Samba classes and various workshops.

Yana is an instructor of Suspira’s Orlando Belly Dance Academy and currently performing with the “Orlando Dance Theater”.

Continuing Study

Yana continues to learn and regularly attends fitness and dance seminars around the country to expand her knowledge and teaching methods, techniques and movements.  During the last five years Yana’s experience in the US has included study with Masters of the Dance such as Mohamed El Hosseny, Tamalyn Dallal, Jihan Jamal, Aziza, Ansuya, Bozenka and many others. She was certified in Sahra Saeeda’s 20-hour “Journey through Egypt 1” intensive workshop and has recently started to learn the art of drumming (tabla and riq), which was introduced to her by the professional world famous percussionist Karim Nagi.

 Professional Certifications and Instruction

As a fitness instructor Yana is certified in Zumba®, Zumba Gold® and Aqua Zumba®  as well as Fitour Group exercise and the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program.

Yana’s motto is “I dance for the same reason I breath – because if I didn’t I would die.”

Welcome to Daytona Beach Belly Dance

Daytona Beach Belly Dance was started by Russian dancer and choreographer Yana, to celebrate dance styles of Middle Eastern influence in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

This community of local women share in the joy of music and dance through the study of this beautiful art form that is good for the body and soul. Belly Dance is an enjoyable way to develop strong posture and graceful movement.

Discover this ancient art form and unveil your inner Diva.

Hire a Performer

Hire a professional belly dancer to perform at your private party in the Central Florida Area! Yana offers fun and exciting family-friendly entertainment that is sure to be the highlight of your event.

  • Birthday / Anniversary
  • Wedding / Engagement
  • Bridal / Baby shower
  • Corporate Event
  • Festival / Concert
  • Theme Party
  • Restaurant / Nightclub Shows

To book Yana for a performance at your event:

view info: have a look at price list and performance FAQ to get an idea of what to expect.

check availablility: email or call (386)383-2388 – please provide the date, time and location of the event as well as the number of guests you are expecting, and desired type of show.

sign the contract: when availability confirmed, download performance contract,  fill it out, sign and get it back to Yana via email/post.

above info coming soon…

Yana does not perform at all male events such as bachelor parties… no exeptions.

Belly Dance Expressions

*Aiwa – means yes in Arabic. It is often used as an exclamation in Belly Dance.

*Hafla (Haf lah) – Hafla means party.  A private hafla thrown by a belly dancer usually involves Middle Eastern music. A hafla in the US is a full belly dance festival with vendors selling  items and a stage show.

*Habibi (Hah BEE bee) – is an Arabic word meaning “my darling” or “beloved”.  Habibi appears in many Arabic song titles and lyrics.

*Raks Sharki (Rocks Shark-EE) – is also an Arabic word meaning “Dance of the East”.  It refers specifically to cabaret-style belly dance.

*Zaghareet (Zah Guh reet) – Is done in the Middle East is to honor someone. Mothers welcomed fathers using this traditional way of making a loud celabratory sound using your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Families would stand outside the home and do this as the father would come from work. We do this in other parts of the world and in the Middle East like a “bravo” or applause. This is a way to honor a dancer as well. A Zaghareet is a high-pitched undulation done with the tongue against the roof of the mouth, forming the sound, lalalalala. It is a sound of celebration! A Zaguareet is a favorite tool for bellydancers to express approval for what the bellydancer is doing at the time!

* Yalla – is a slang Arabic word used often in casual seetings… literally it means, go with God or let’s go!