All belly sisters you were wonderful and I am so grateful to have found all of you; there is a reason we found each other. We can only learn and grow from each other on so many levels, besides our common bond of dancing; I am so thrilled about that!

And thank you Yana for being in Daytona. It was Destiny to have found such a beautiful dancer both inside and out. if it weren’t for you we could not have found all the Belly dance sisters either! I have been so blessed to have been given my life back after going through a challenging health condition. More than ever before I am so grateful for every opportunity. The opportunity to live with passion and Yana, you have helped me achieve my passion for dancing to a greater… height than I had ever imagined. Why? Because you teach from the heart, because you know our names, because you care and ask about us, because it feels real. Because of this I can dance from the heart and feel the passion as well.

You provide such professional and passionate instruction to help us
achieve our best and in addtition provide us an opportunity to showcase
our best at different venues! You are simply THE BEST! Muah

-Consuelo Rodriguez

Yana is an amazing dance instructor and close by to Deland. I’ve been so fortunate to have wonderful mentors such as Carole(Azuri) Lacy Sanchez, and Yana. We are so glad shes right here, so inspiring,talented ,beautiful inside and out. I can’t wait for the next class.

-Gloria Efird

Yana is an amazing person and a talented dancer. She has taught me not only how to dance but how to be more expressive and she has helped me turn my life around completely. I could not have imagined ever being where I am right now when I first started! THANK YOU YANA I LOVE YOU!
-Cari Back
Yana is truly an inspirational teacher. Her emphasis on technique has helped me to grow as a dancer and makes me want to keep coming back for more. Her classes are challenging and exciting!
-Nancy Tarpley
Not only is Yana a true artist and professional, she is a caring and genuine teacher and friend. Her classes are challenging, yet realistic and she is contiuously sharing and teaching her artful choreography and guiding her students, many of them through first performances. As many of us feel, I look forward to meeting for class and feel refreshed, energized and inspired afterwards. One of the things I am most thankful for in life is finding this group of women, and learning and sharing with them, with Yana as our teacher.

-Nancy Nashed